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National Day


The National Day , or the Second of December , is the most important national holiday in the History of the United Arab Emirates (UAE ) and is a day of celebration and jubilation across the streets of Abu Dhabi and the remaining parts of the United Arab Emirates . The National Day is a landmark occasion in the history of the UAE that reflects its glorious past guided by a wise visualization of their founding fathers that led to their bright future today . This future has already proved to be one of tremendous

achievements that have demonstrated the capability of the people to overcome obstacles in their march towards progress

A country that was not given any chance of survival at all at independence , following wrangling in the Middle East , a country largely filled with deserts , who would have given them a chance

The United Arab Emirates (UAE ) has really come of age . Right from the pre-independence era to this present time , the United Arab Emirates has grown in leaps and bounds . The 37th anniversary marking their independence from Britain on the 2nd of December 1971 was marked with pomp and pageantry and goes a long way to prove that the citizens of this country are really enjoying the fact that they are citizens of one of the most beautiful countries in the world

The United Arab Emirates had depended on oil for so many years , the funds generated from the exploration was used in various sectors of the economy , largely...

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