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U.S Nation State

Discussion Of How America Creates A Sense Of Patriotism

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Perhaps one of the greatest reasons behind America 's success as a nation during the past few centuries is the rich sense of nationalism and patriotism among its people . These nationalistic sentiments can be traced directly to the country 's rich history and culture . As a nation state , the United States has truly dominated the modern world because its people have a strong sense of national pride . This national

pride has manifested itself in different areas , including international politics , worldwide commerce , and even during times of world war

One of the ways by which the American nation state created an undying sense of patriotism among its citizens is by promoting national unity during time of war . The nation state must regulate conflicts between competing capitalists at home and abroad , by diplomacy if possible , and by war if necessary (Robbins pg . 10 . Almost every World War or major war that America participated in has been done for deep moral reason or economic need . When the need for war arises , the US nation state calls its people to fight for a solid , moral cause . In the case of World War II , the reason for fighting is to end Germany 's reign of terror and let democracy prevail . As a result , the citizens of America fought obstinately and with more patriotism knowing that democracy , freedom and justice are on their side

The national anthem and national flag are two important symbols of American patriotism . The American state has used these two symbols to stamp an indelible national identity upon its people . For example , the US national anthem portrays victory , bravery and freedom of the American people . As emerging generations of citizens are taught to love the national anthem , it automatically becomes a steady part of every American person 's life , thereby creating a strong sense of attachment between the state and its citizens for years to come

The American flag , meanwhile , is an important symbol that the nation state has raised to the pedestal of sacred status , in to maintain national identity . The stars and stripes of the flag remind the people of America 's history , independence and emergence as a great nation Valiant men of war who die in battle are wrapped with the American flag before burial . In times of national crisis such as the 9-11 attacks , the flag is lowered to half mast as a symbol of mourning or grief . Even in international competitive fields such as sports , the flag is made a constant , undying symbol of national pride . These , among many others are some of the ways by which America uses the flag to incite nationalism

The issues of slavery and racism , whether we like or not , have greatly shaped American nationalism in many ways . One example is the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950 's and 60 's . Although this racial division has caused many protests...

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