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Narrative essay about something that happened to you that changed your life or taught you something

Obstacles are the only things you see when you take your eyes off the goal . My childhood is inflicted with many pains and hurts brought about by conflicts and arguments between my parents . Family is said to be the first community where you should experience enough love and care . Having a family like mine is indeed a roller coaster ride with so many ups and downs of struggles that we wished to overcome . I was raised both by parents and my grandmother . I really cannot put into words what I exactly feel being

taken care of an elderly . She was indeed one of the greatest blessing from God and loosing her taught me a lot of things about life

Every morning I am awaken by the shouting voices of my parents . Who kept on arguing over petty things . Bills , house chores and responsibilities that they should be knowledgeable enough to handle Sometimes I feel like not going up my bed and just be confined between my blanket and cover my ears with pillow to avoid hearing their noises Good thing I have with me my grandmother who patiently explains to me everything and takes care of me the best that she can . She is the best caregiver in the world for me . My parents entrusted me to her that 's why she finds every way to give everything I need from sunrise to sunset

Whenever my parents had an argument I hear my grandmother 's whisper on my ears saying pray and everything will be okay ' Upon seeing that smile on her face I feel how sincere she was and I obediently follow her and pray for further peace between my parents . Although she looks like snobbish and strict , she loves to clown around and plays with me whenever she has time . She has jokes that lets me laughed my heart out and forget my problems about my parents

My grandmother is also my mentor when it comes to religion . We never failed to attend mass together and taught me how important faith is in a life of a person . Problems are easily solved through prayer according to her . Everything is going fine between me and my grandmother until the worst day of my life happened . I was awaken by grandma 's shouting voice having an argument with my mother . I will never leave this house ' She insisted . I never knew then that grandma is already suffering from a terrible disease . She needs to be hospitalized for her to recover . My parents who later on reconcile and never quarreled anymore convinced my grandmother to go with them to the hospital . She kissed me goodbye and told me not to worry much about her condition and just be good both in school and at home

That was the last time I saw her alive . Even though I went schooling on that day my mind is preoccupied with worries about grandma 's condition I cannot concentrate on my teacher 's lesson and...

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