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The Pro and Con of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is an applied science of the construction and utilization of devices or materials at nano-scale ranging from 1 to 100 nanometers (1 nanometer one billionth of a meter or 0 .1 which is almost 50 ,000x smaller compare to the diameter of a human hair (Nanotechnology Encarta . Nanotechnology may also be defined as the engineering of functional systems in nanoscale or atomic scale referring to the expected capability to build items from the bottom

up with the use of advance tools and techniques being developed today in making complete and extreme performing products (What . 2006 . It is conventionally designated that the atomic and molecular scale or nanoscale has the dimensional range of 1 to 100 nanometer and the nanocrystals are the materials from that scale . Nanotechnology is composed of many fields inter-related to each other such as chemical engineering , mechanical engineering , electrical engineering supra-molecular chemistry , applied physics , material science , and many more . Nanoscale is distinctive for the reason that no solid can be made even smaller below this scale and also for the reason that many of the chemical and biological mechanisms and the world we are living is operating on scales from 0 .1 to 100 nanometer in which materials exhibit different physical properties . And this , property made scientist and researchers expect something for newly discovered breakthrough technologies that will be used around the world in then future . Some of the new technologies developed from nanotechnology researches are catalytic converters used on cars in removing air pollutants such as carbon monoxide , sulfur dioxide and the likes , computer equipments and devices found in computers such as computer hard disk , some sunscreens and beauty cosmetics for blocking the hazardous sun 's radiation , and unique coatings for gears and sports clothes for enhancing athletes performance (Nanotechnology Encarta . It is predicted that in the future many discoveries will be made and the use of nanotechnology can be seen from medicine and healthcare , security and defenses electronics , sensors , computers , energy conservation and production and as well as on environ mental protections

To be able to fully understand what nanotechnology is , we can consider it as the diameter of an atom , which is the main matter 's building block (Nanotechnology Encarta . We can be able to compare nanotechnology through sizes , for example , the hydrogen atom and mostly all atoms which is only 0 .1nm , cells , the basic unit of life which is around 5 ,000 - 200 ,000 nm , proteins , which is the one carrying out internal cell operations which is around 3 - 20 nm , viruses of a size of 10 - 200 nm and drug molecules for fighting viruses , which is around 5 nm in size The reason why scientist are giving much attention to nanotechnology is that through it , there would be a possibility of constructing materials and devices operating as the same scale as the nature 's basic function (Nanotechnology Encarta . Nano-engineers are fascinated by...

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