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Running Header : Nursing Profession

Nursing Profession


College /University

The Registered Nurse : Roles and Responsibilities from Past to Present

The nursing profession forms a complex set of responsibilities that leans toward health care and well being . The Royal College of Nursing established six principles that elucidate the concept of the nursing profession . These six principles include the purpose , line of work coverage , focus , value enhancement , and partnership programs

Supporting health and preventing the occurrence of certain medical conditions and illnesses are the primary goals of nursing . The second

principle is that the nursing profession serves as a mode of intervention , which determines the care needs and looks through the attainment of these necessities . The domain that the nursing profession covers is limited to the health care needs of individuals , including physiological , psychological , mental and social requirements . The fourth principle discusses the focus of the profession that lies on the entire being of a person with regards to health care treatment . Moreover , the foundations of the nursing practice are based on morally and ethically inclined responsibilities to human life . The sixth and the last principles of the nursing profession is the establishment of partnership of nurses with patients and their families and other health care professionals in to accomplish all the goals of nursing

Registered nurses are deemed to build the foundation of health care facilities . They carry out several roles and responsibilities such as involvements in patient care and instruction , health care assessments and patient plans regarding discharge . Other known responsibilities of registered nurses include in depth knowledge about drugs and medicines for purposeful patient administration , as well as equipments and services in health care facilities , and the expression of care and compassion for those who are in dire need of health care attention

Over time , the roles and responsibilities of registered nurses have changed with the advent of technological advancements and the shifts to community health nursing . Technology offers nurses the opportunity for professional encroachment , as they are required to learn about new assistive technologies that are designed to assist in health care administration . Moreover , the shift of nursing practices to focus more on community health nursing emphasizes on the roles of nurses as an educator of health care practices and principles to the community . The nursing profession has also become specialized as nurses acquire specific roles within the health care facility

Becoming a Nurse

There are several specializations available for nurses , such as available jobs in hospitals , clinics , residential homes , private home practice , etc . The route to becoming a nurse is dependent on an individual 's decisions regarding the type of nurse one wants to become Nursing requires intensive education , because of the complexity of nursing roles and responsibilities . Therefore , individuals must be willing to get involved with the demanding nature of nursing education Moreover , individuals must be mentally and psychologically prepared to take on various challenging positions that nursing education might require

The Educational Aspect of Becoming a Nurse

The educational aspect of nursing varies because...

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