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p Negative Effects of Coal Fired Power Plants

The Truth about Coal as an Energy Resource

Coal is one of the world 's most impure sources of fuel . It has many different impurities ranging from metals like uranium and thorium to iron and aluminum , not to forget sulfur . When coal is combusted , other harmful substances result , like the oxides of carbon , sulfur and nitrogen , and substances of carcinogenic and mutagenic nature (Jenkins 1983

As the world moves on and the energy needs of the ever increasing populations touches heights , people are

finding new ways of producing cheap and abundant energy to fulfill their electricity and other energy supported needs . In such a search for energy providing resources , the most common misconception seen in today 's population is their reliability on coal and the fact that they believe it to be cheap . But this is nothing but a misconception because coal is not cheap rather it is expensive and secondly , it emits all these harmful substances which have detrimental long lasting effects on the human body . The burning of coal leads to the emission of sulphur dioxide , the gas which plays a vital role in the formation of acid rain . Moreover , it even emits mercury , which is a harmful component in isolation . Global warming is already an issue for the world and thanks to the burning of coal , the amount of carbon dioxide that they burn in isolation equals that of all vehicles together . The environmental costs of coal are very large and thus , even if it was cheap , which it is not , then using it as an energy resource would always end up in a win-lose situation where the public is losing out on its health and environment safety (Emsperger , 2003

This does not mean that the demand of coal is falling . Rather it is rising as the global warming rises and the need to function air conditioners rises . Other factors like population growth and the fact that most of the world is now moving towards the trend of bigger houses it is likely that the demand is rising at a very fast rate . And researchers say that the carbon dioxide that is emitted from the coal burning is not easy to control and condense . If efforts are made to remove the carbon dioxide from the whole process of coal fired power plants , this would only lead to the vanishing of 25 energy , which is a lot when the whole world is dependent on energy production by this fossil fuel coal (Cuffe , 1967

Using coal as the energy resource means that we are negating all the efforts that are being made to combat the most ferocious issue facing the world : global warming . Many governments , companies , businesses , and laws are bent upon removing and bringing world global warming to a minimum , but if the amount of carbon dioxide that these coal fired power plants produces keeps on going on for many years , these steps will remain futile

Coal 's negative effects and...

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