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NATO and Terrorism


The abbreviation of NATO is North Atlantic Treaty Organization . It was created to promote harmony among the member countries and throughout the world . The basic responsibilities of NATO soldiers were to remove the people whose lives were at stake near the bline so that they could be accommodated too much safer places then those . In this regard , every member country was bound to follow all the instructions of this allied force in connection of the

co-operation and peace among these countries The history tells us that it was the unity of all the European nations United States and Canada against the Soviet attack on their participating or friend nations

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO , as it often has been is once again at the center of this debate . Today , NATO is once again a subject of concern and debate . Member states have put the organization through a major structural overhaul , but there continue to be doubts concerning its future in the absence of a threat

NATO is said to be an allied force . One of its main responsibilities is to fight against terrorism . It is important to understand that when NATO is fighting against terrorism then terrorism may surely be affecting it in many ways

The most favorable prove in this regard is the 9 /11 attack on the World Trade Center in the Washington District of the United States of America After the events of September 11 2001 , a stunned US President George W . Bush declared that 'night fell on a different world . There was indeed horror around much of the globe that a new and insidious precedent had been set for terror against states , making everyone vulnerable

Significance of Issue - Terrorism

Less academic interest in the study of terrorism is one of the predictable reasons of the outrages happened on 9 /11 in America . Several US research centers , institutes , and think tanks have now added this subject of terrorism to their research agendas even some have been newly established to specialize in this area and mushroomed it . In European countries , especially in Britain , the increase in interest has been seen over the years , some universities are now starting to recruit specialists in terrorism studies . They teach this subject as part of the curriculum of international relations or political science . Yet throughout European university circles there is still a firm unwillingness to recognize that studying terrorism as a weapon , whether by in the view of regimes or sub-state groups is a necessary and legitimate scholarly activity

Many standard British introductory texts on international relations and politics make no reference to the perception of terrorism , or if they do then it is only to throw it on the grounds that it is only a pejorative term for freedom fighting guerrilla warfare . It became impossible after 9 /11 to deny the reality of terrorism , even for those who are the most sheltered towered academic . An estimated 3...

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