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The Myth of the Latin Woman

Hispanic culture is , why Latin girls wear everything at once . This is also seen on how she uses deductive reasoning , especially in the use of generally accepted propositions about the Hispanic women - that they are Hot Tamale or sexual firebrand (Cofer 2005 second , deductive reasoning is also used in stating that Hispanic women feel free to express themselves through clothes and ornaments and be more provocative , since they are more protected by the traditions , mores , and laws of a Spanish /Catholic system of morality and machismo (205 third , that tropical women

show off their skin to keep cool and , at the same time appear sexy (205 fourth and final , the myth that Latina women are actually whores , domestic , or criminal (207 . The logic of the argument centers on the theme that the writer acts that way because she was born that way . She was only practicing what was taught to her by her world and her culture


Cofer 's angle of vision goes straight into defending the true nature of the Hispanic women . She uses three main strategies in her piece `The Myth of the Latin Woman : first is the use of character and credibility in giving an accurate and credible argument to her readers second is the use of emotional appeals through amplification and storytelling that make persuasion more insisting third is the use of inductive and deductive reasoning through generally accepted propositions and logic There is also the inclusion of opposing views of other cultures especially those that cover the Western cultures that see `too much ' as a despicable , revolting factor (Cofer 204

Cofer 's angle is one that represents the side of the Hispanic culture In defense of her race and her ethnicity , Cofer demands some understanding that not everything that appears to be remains to...

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