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George Frideric Handel composed See Here the Conqu 'ring Hero Comes to commemorate the triumph of the Duke of Cumberland (National Trust for Scotland 8 . The Duke had defeated the Jacobite army in the Battle of Culloden to earn the popular title `Butcher Cumberland . This particular composition is part of Handel 's `Judas Maccabaeus ' oratorio

Handel cleverly employs dynamics effectively by constantly varying the volume right from the beginning through the end , which blends in well with the theme of the piece . The change in loudness is used to achieve diversity in

the movement . He uses unity and variety to create an effect of `tension and release ' in the musical piece . After two or three repetitions of musical idea A , the tension built up by unity is broken by a timely dash of diversity by playing the musical idea B once . Handel also uses timbre variations by using different instruments such as solo horn and then the entire ensemble to bring subtle variations to his music . For instance , only the solo horn plays musical idea A in the beginning , followed by the entire ensemble playing the same idea Although unity is maintained by playing the same idea , diversity is achieved through dynamics

As the title of musical piece suggests , the motif is to welcome home the victorious war hero , the Duke of Cumberland . Thus , by playing two musical ideas , Handel tries to convey and usher in feelings of victory and jubilation . The musical idea A conveys feelings of pride and...

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