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Even in the days when harps and flutes were played leisurely in legendary palaces or when trumpets and war horns sounded in ancient battlefields , music has always been connected with meaning . Composers weaved words to rhythm and beat , strung notes on strings and made songs that made people laugh , cry , or gasp in awe . Bards in the Dark Ages sang tunes to the heroic deeds of knights who thwarted evil plans of corrupt barons and rescued damsels in distress . They might not have been all very factual , but the bards may

have been some of the first to incorporate words into music to create meaning

A unique way of conveying meaning is present in the Gregorian chants Gregorian chants are a musical expression of the Catholic faith . The chants themselves are quite typical , as there are other religions that make use of chants to convey meaning regarding their faith . What is distinctive of Gregorian chants is that they are always performed by threes . Three voices speaking as one in emulation of the holy trinity Here we see meaning not only from the words themselves , but from how they are being spoken . In a time when the Christians were rapidly segregating into different factions , Gregorians were quick to create a defining trait in their worship

Jazz has always been associated with improvisation , with one musician usually playing a few bars which would be followed up by improvised tunes from another musician . Although initially , Jazz music hardly had any lyrics to sing the music with and was usually limited to scat singing which uses improvised nonsensical lyrics like bop-bop-badoobop , Vocalese was introduced as a sub genre of Jazz by Jazz legends King Pleasure , Eddie Jefferson and Babs Gonzales in the early 1950 's . Vocalese rose with America 's liberalization at the same time , where the colored African-American populace of the U .S . under the lead of famous Jazz artists , Bob Dorough , Giacomo Gates , Kurt Elling , and Al Jarreau used Vocalese to express their cultural heritage in Jazz

Opera is perhaps the most obvious example of the synergy of words and music to form meaning . Taking its roots in Italy sometime in 1600 , Opera was generally associated with the Western classical music tradition Since it is considered as a dramatic play , Opera uses the same elements as its non-musical counterparts like scenery , costumes , and acting . What distinguishes it from dramatic forms is wholly the utter importance given to song and conventions of vocal technique . Singers in an opera are accompanied by a musical ensemble ranging from a small instrumental ensemble to a full symphonic orchestra . It may also include the use of dance which can be specifically observed in French operas . Operas give emphasis on the singer 's tone give due justice to the drama he is trying to portray his part in . The tempo is fast when there is scene , such as when the hero is chasing down his dastardly foe , all the while singing his battle cries

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