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Music Hisotry-Igor Stravinsky

Igor Stravinsky 's The Rite of Spring ' is a ballet that deviates from Stravinsky 's usual mechanical or doll-like ballets . The music of The Rite of Spring ' draws dances actions set in Pagan Russia and illustrates the traversal of the earth from winter to spring . The ballet music depicts the spring and its customary ceremonial games and the other leisurely preoccupations that stem from the inception of spring and the season 's general character . Finally , also part of the ballet 's illustration is the sacrifice of a virgin to the Nature

god Stravinsky 's music in The Rite of Spring ' is derived from the ballet 's musical libretto -the gift it has , of absolute expressiveness Stravinsky 's music contains driving rhythms and is ferocious in its intensity . The ultimate goal of Stravinsky 's music is to depict nature 's huge sexuality , in all of its heaving , spurting , and trembling . Igor 's original libretto indicates that the ballet is not an illustrative narrative , but a surge . 1 And yet the reason for why Stravinsky 's music is absolute in its artistic expression , is because it ultimately also needs the elements of the non-expressive in its make same as light as shadows and shadows have light . The ballet libretto of The Rite of Spring ' was written by Stravinsky and Nicholas Roerich

There are published written correspondences from N . Roerich stating that he had planned to dress the men in bearskins in to show that the bear was man 's ancestor . This suggests that the subject of the ballet consisted of men so primitive that they were themselves half-bears . The ballet 's choreographer , Nijinsky revealed in an interview which was the year of the premiere that

. it is really the soul of nature expressed by movement to music . It is the life of the stones and the trees . There are no human beings in it ' Igor Stravinsky 's The Rite of Spring ' was utilized in Walt Disney 's animated movie Fantasia . Fantasia was meant to be the animated version of The Rite of Spring , it depicted the action of the music to be a minuet of dinosaurs and volcanoes . Disney succeeded in eliminating the human presences that were always to some extent an embarrassment to the spectacle

Stravinsky 's music in The Rite of Spring , is music objectified . For more than forty years , strong incisive objectivity had distinguished Stravinsky 's music . The harmony of Stravinsky 's works makes use of two or more tonalities . Polytonality has been a stylistic style in the twentieth century . Stravinsky 's work Petrouchka , contains sections having two or more tonalities (C and F sharp .Counter melody is a polyphonic texture having two or more melodies which may or may not have the same contour and rhythm . One melody is said to be counter to the other so it is a counterpoint . Counterpoint is the act of combing two or more independent melodic lines into a meaningful fabric

Igor Stravinsky had...

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