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Paper Topic:

Music: Compare and contrast the Balinese gamelan and the Javanese gamelan.

Javanese gamelan , the Balinese gamelan players are required to have strict coordination between them that does not allow for improvisation in the way they play their instruments (Brinner , 1995 . All of them are required to follow a particular manner of playing their instruments in for them to be harmonious and sound good as a group (Brinner , 1995

Performance Contexts of the Balinese and Javanese Gamelan

These two types of gamelans have found their corresponding performance contexts where they gain the respect of their audience . Moreover , the historical roots of these two groups

of gamelan have also contributed to how it is perceived to be of use today . The manner through which it has been crafted to take on their corresponding characteristics serves as the distinguishing factor for this

The Javanese gamelan has served as a showcase of the sanctity of power and creation (Becker , 1988 . Likewise , it has also served to be a reflection of the gender structures enclosed within society together with images of sexuality (Becker , 1988 . It has been a way through which powers are maintained and legitimized in the new world (Spiller , 2004 Today , the Javanese gamelan has continued to showcase its beauty by performers bringing it outside of Indonesia to the whole world (Fund 2004 . On the other hand , that of the Balinese gamelan is mostly used for ceremonies , which justifies the style of its music being fast and lively (Dorian et al , 2000


There are difference and similarities between the Javanese and Balinese gamelan based on three elements , which includes the music , the instrumentation , and the performance context . Each of the two groups of gamelan has its own distinct and unique set of characteristics that makes an identity for their own . However , there are also similarities shared because of the fact that they belong...

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