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Music Assignment


0 :00 - 0 :30 Idea A : Winds and brass play main theme

0 :30 Idea B : Minor key transition

0 :45 Idea A : Returns to original theme

1 :30 Idea B : Return to minor key transition

1 :45 Idea A : Main theme return with more instruments

2 :28 Idea B : Minor key transition

2 :44 Idea A : Main theme returns louder with full orchestra , reaching a crescendo before the end George Frideric Handel wrote music to depict of his surroundings and to tell a story . He was able

to create layers of meaning through his layers of musical development within a work and clearly makes a statement through his compositions . In his piece See Here the Conqu 'ring Hero Comes he uses both unity and variety in melodic theme to portray the image of a hero coming closer . He focuses the piece around a central major melody and a corresponding minor transition to unite the piece under a central theme but uses varying instrumentation , key signatures and dynamics to change the piece along the way

See Here the Conqu 'ring Hero Comes starts with the main melody , Idea A played by winds and brass . The melody they play is dignified and sets the stage for a hero 's coming . Handel 's baroque background is reflected in his simple theme that becomes more complex as the piece continues Instruments are given liberty to embellish , and yet the melody remains fundamentally the same . Idea A is balanced by the lurking changes in Idea B where the minor key takes hold before resolving again into Idea A

Gradually , instruments join the ensemble to bring the dynamics to a loud crescendo . After the winds and brass play Idea A , a solo horn plays the same melody . When the strings come in Idea B starts and plays a variation on Idea A in a minor key . After returning to Idea A , the strings bring a new timbre to Idea A and slowly the winds and brass join the strings in playing the main melody . As more instruments are added the instrumentation and timbre changes despite the melody staying the same . The dynamics throughout the piece grow steadily louder until the last phrase when a full orchestra is finally playing the main melody together . By allowing the instrumentation and the dynamics to grow throughout the piece he shows that his composition has both unity and variation

The last part of the piece is completely united and at this point all variation in theme is over . Ending on a climactic point is part of Handel 's portrayal of the hero coming closer . The hero is coming closer and closer just as the piece is getting louder and louder as if his presence becomes more noticeable . Also , the conclusion is composed for a full ensemble and so is inherently more detailed when compared to the solo and smaller ensembles he started with . By ending with such instrumental variety , Handel shows the details within his simple melody...

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