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Music Assignment

0 :16 Idea a : The main melody plays

0 :30 Idea b : The melody changes

0 :45 Idea a : The original melody returns

1 :30 Idea b : The melody changes again obvious transition

1 :45 Idea a : The main melody returns with more instruments

2 :28 Idea b : The transition returns

2 :44 Idea a : The main theme returns , though much louder and with many more instruments , increasing in volume before finally ending George Frideric Handel is one of the preeminent names in the history of music . His ability to compose

music that moves people transcended his time and continues to move people even to this day . As a master of musical composition , he was fully aware of the many different elements that go together to make a certain piece moving and beautiful . In his piece , See Here the Conquring Hero Comes , the Handel uses many of the foundational ideas of variety and unity to create a coherent and singular piece that provides impact and echoes the triumphant spirit of the title

The way Handel attempts to create unity and variety in his piece is through the use of different instruments , melodies , and timbre display his mastery in composing . In See Here the Conquring Hero Comes , he uses the main melody , or Idea A , and intersperses slight changes or transitions , Idea B , which are slight variations on the original melody The transitions represent a slight break from the main idea , and help create variety while maintaining the overall feel of the piece , which is a celebration for the conquering hero

The entire piece starts at normal volume , sometimes even quiet , even featuring a horn solo near the beginning . It gradually grows throughout , adding more instruments to fill out the sound . When Idea A begins , there are only winds and brass instruments playing , and the melody they comprise is then echoed by the lone horn in the next measure . This first change cannot really be considered a departure from the original idea , because it is merely echoes the original melody After Idea A , Idea B provides a break from the melody , though not a completely dramatic departure . Strings are added and a new melody adds variety to the piece . This allows it to remain cohesive and to the original melody . Once Idea A returns , it becomes obvious that this break was merely a transition in the piece

Idea A returns with more instruments and simply adds upon the original idea . With more instruments , including more prominent strings and brass , Handel creates variety by changing the timbre while maintaining the overall unity of the piece . When Idea B returns , it similarly has more instruments in it , which continues the unity of the piece , which is at this point growing to a crescendo . When Idea A returns , the solo horn from the beginning of the piece can be heard again , completing the echoing effect that Handel uses throughout the piece . These types of returns and echoes of previous melodies are the most...

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