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Museum Visit and Assignment

RICH CULTURE OF TWO DYNASTIES Visit in a museum is not a usual thing to do for people who are busy earning for their living . But when one does it is such an awesome feeling because there is the sense of feeling you have the connection from the past . You have seen how our societies have developed to what it is now . Museums in one way or two is the connecting line of people in the present from the past no matter of their nationality , ethnicity , or simply where they are and where they

came from

After visiting the museums , I 've seen some artifacts or objects from India . I somehow had the glimpse of how they were before . How the civilizations have changed and how India have transformed to what it is now . I have also thought of the great things they have contributed to the present world . The ancient civilizations maybe gone but what they have done is remarkably awesome

The two objects that I have chosen are the Bronze Image of Natraja from Chola Dynasty and the Gupta Buddha Head from Gupta Dynasty . These two show how rich the arts of India and these show that the said dynasties have contributed a lot in the arts not only in the development of the society . Both dynasties have their own great contributions in culture that are still useful today . The two dynasties , aside from expanding their governed territory also enhanced the culture and produced prominent people who later on contributed great works in art and literature . They might differ in terms of expertise but they have common denominators that made them the same in a way or two . Like what I have said , India wouldn 't be India without the two dynasties that ruled India . They have made contributions that are still useful today and can be considered as a mileage in the rich culture of India . Aside from that , they have also contributed to the world that somehow shaped it to be part of the wonders of the world

If Gupta period was considered the Golden Age of Sanskrit , the sacred language of the Brahmans , the Chola period was considered to have the abundance and breakthroughs in making bronze and sculptures . ADDIN EN .CITE Wallbank1958226Walter T WallbankA Short History of India and Pakistan1958N ew YorkMentor Books Inc (Wallbank , 1958 )The Bronze Image of Nataraja symbolizes religion , art , and science while the Gupta Buddha Head symbolizes how the Guptas looked like . They are both made with the religious purpose and having the religious nature . The sculptures also show the mystical aspect of Indian art , not to mention the realism and earthiness . The sculptures also express the deep religious experience . ADDIN EN .CITE Basham1959336A .L BashamThe Wonder That Was India1959New YorkGrove Press Inc (Basham , 1959

Basham also said , The sculptures came chiefly from the hands of secular craftsmen who , though they worked according to priestly instructions and increasingly rigid iconographical rules , loved the world they knew with an intensity...

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