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Multimedia Developments has positive or negative effect on human lifestyles?

Multimedia Developments has positive or negative effect on human lifestyles

Media has known to be unstoppably advancing . A lot say it does not do any good to the human society , yet many enjoy using it

Media communication is seemly always more applicable with the speedy joint of media and computer technologies . Economic views are being reformed and so new risks and opportunities in some fields are created such as traditional media , computer and telecommunication industries . It is a very swiftly rising and a very important sphere of activity with a significant

force to the growing information society . The outcome of this is the entirely new possibilities that occur from the programmability , interactivity , and interoperability of the digital systems (Wicks , Land and Bayne 2004 :11

Virtual reality , multimedia , telepresence and other new forms of technology offer new potentials for services in a lot of spheres , which include education , medicine and the arts

During globalization , universities have been accepted as instruments of economic growth and social generality even as competing not only among themselves but also with account of new knowledge producers . Only when universities have moved economically to a center stage , the worth of their basic resources which we know as knowledge , truth and reason , has been discouraged by postmodernism , with its prominence on language power and local narratives . A discussion has followed regarding the positive and negative allegations for the university and , more basically , concerning whether the university continues to hold the credibility either as a working institution or as a theory symbolizing definite ideals (Wicks , Land and Bayne 2004 :11

Nowadays , people can enroll and take courses online . A question was raised on how do teachers and students identify each other online . Some people believe the common perception that comes from students s in which online forms of identity formation are viewed negatively , as an unsafe deceit from that which is accepted by many These perceptions should be weighed against the stories of tutors for whom , surprisingly , cyberspace becomes an area in which conventional hierarchy can be re-asserted , and conventionally , teacherly identities re-directed (Wicks , Land and Bayne 2004 :26 . However , it is undeniably true that a lot of people prefer education online . How did some mothers finish their chosen course if not for the convenience of online education ? Working people finish and continue their field of study through the cyberspace . If not without it , a lot of people set aside continuing education or finishing it because , first of all , they do not have the time to do so

Multimedia development had been considered much advantageous when it comes to business , work and study . All businesses nowadays cater the artificial intelligence of computers and other advanced technologies Jobs are lighten up because of the convenience of computers and studies are broaden because of the almost endless researches and information provided by the internet . During the recent years the rapid change in information technology (IT ) and its impact on society have been the concern of academia , industry leaders , government officials and...

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