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Muhammad Ali

An Essay on the Movie Ali

Cassius Clay , a colored but handsome kid from Louisville became a a big figure in the white-dictated and dominated 1960 's in America . When Black people who were shouting for their rights were being silenced , Clay was a loud-mouthed soul who spoke in behalf of his fellow black persons . Joining the National Islam changed his name into Muhammad Ali and history witnessed the unfolding of a sports icon . Looking through Ali 's life will be a journey of his unending fight for rights and discrimination . Ali

's life is a colorful combination of various facets , that is being a Black man , an Islam , an unpatriotic citizen , a devoting son , a family man , a great boxer , a champion , a hero , a legend and so on

In a review of the book King of the World : Muhammad Ali and the Rise of an American Hero , L .S Klepp said that David Remnick sees Ali as both a symbol and a catalyst of positive changes in American life But he doesn 't flinch from Ali 's flaws and follies , many of them a result of swallowing the race-baiting mythology of the black-separatist Nation of Islam , which transformed him from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali . Ali saw in the Muslims something comparable to his own amazing self-confidence , his sense of fearless invincibility

Ali was not only good at boxing , a sport designed to stun the brain , is finally indefensible , that 's why it takes more than thoroughness to make something defensible and durable out of

he Lost Legacy of Muhammad Ali

Thomas Hauser , author of the definitive Ali biography Muhammad Ali : His Life and Times , argued that although he has attained mythical stature in American life , Ali recently has been subjected to an image makeover by corporate America as it seeks to homogenize the electrifying nature of his persona . Further , there has been a deliberate distortion of what Ali believed , said , and stood for , and that making Ali more presentable for ad agencies by sanitizing his legacy is a disservice to history and to Ali himself . Ali was a great but he is also an ordinary man with many faults . Rather than cultivate historical amnesia , Hauser contends the legacy of Ali as a man who used his fame to denounce war and inequality should be cherished , not lost to revisionism . Thirty years after he burst onto the scene as a gold medal light-heavyweight at the Rome Olympics , Ali is still a magical figure His legendary accomplishments in the ring were the two fights with Sonny Liston , when he proclaimed himself "The Greatest " and proved he was There were the three epic wars against Joe Frazier , the stunning victory over George Foreman in Zaire and the shocking loss and final win that made him the first man to win back the heavyweight crown twice , fourteen years after he had first claimed it . Ali 's life has been labeled as top story and played out as much on the front...

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