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Movie review assignment

The Way Home : A Film Review

The film entitled The Way Home ' is a Korean film released in 2002 directed by Lee Jung-hyang and written by Lee Jung-hyang . It was produced by Whang Woo-hyun and Whang Jae-woo and was released on November 15 , 2002 by Paramount Classics . The film revolves on the story of a young boy and his grandmother who struggles to fight the differences between them . It is a great film that deals with gerontology and how the aging process affects the lives of every individual

In the film , Sang-woo

's mother needs to leave him under the care of his old grandmother because she needs to find a job for them to survive However , Sang-woo 's grandmother is deaf and mute which makes the situation hard for him . Living with his grandmother is really against his will because for Sang-woo , a guardian like his grandmother who has speaking and hearing disabilities is like living in hell . He cannot accept the fact about his grandmother 's situation and badly calls her a retard ' Frustration and depression consume him because he was accustomed to the city way of life . Living in the country side is far different from his previous home where electricity and technology are part of everyday life . He ignores all his grandmother 's efforts for him and continues playing with his toys that he brought along with him

On the other hand , his grandmother patiently does everything for his bratty grandson . She persistently cooks meals for him , washes his clothes , and gives the best that she can to for him . Unfortunately Sang-woo returns her kindness with rejection of the traditional meals that she serves and prefers Kentucky Fried Chicken , Spam and cola over her meals . There was a scene in the movie where he stole his grandmother 's ornamental pin to buy batteries for his video game . He was expecting to receive the wrath and punishment of his grandmother , but when he arrived home , he saw his worried grandmother who was waiting for him to come back from finding batteries . theless , he got her hairpin for nothing as it did not provide him with any batteries since the rural village did not have the right size batteries for his toy . Many scenes in the film show how ruthless Sang-woo is to his grandmother

His misbehavior comes to an end when his poor grandmother gets sick which makes him realize his mistakes . Suddenly , he is not the selfish brat he was . He assumes the responsibility of taking care of his ill grandmother . His grandmother 's efforts and unconditional love for him pays off when she makes his grandson feel the true meaning of home . He received love and affection from a woman who cannot speak and hear but can show him the true meaning of life

When his mother returns to fetch him and bring him back to the city , the love and kindness of Sang-woo 's grandmother make it hard for Sang-woo to leave her . Still...

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