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Movie Review

At first mention it was tempting to automatically dismiss a political drama from the early nineteen seventies as outdated . The Candidate however , remains just as pertinent today as it did on its release thirty-three years ago . I was surprised to discover that concepts such as `spin , the use of sound bites and the manipulation of both physical appearance and reputation in an attempt to undermine the opponent are not entirely a modern invention and would heartily recommend this movie to anyone interested in the concept of media manipulation for political gain p

The son of a former Governor , Bill McKay also has the added bonus of name recognition , a political pedigree from which to challenge Republican incumbent Crocker Jarmon . Given the expected benefits attributed to the incumbency effect it seems unlikely at first that Jarmon might lose his position to the idealistic and untried challenger twenty-four years his junior . McKay 's honesty and obvious belief in the concerns and policies he stands for , along with an appealing reluctance for the actual job soon begin to win favor with the electorate . It is interesting however , to witness the overall effect the process has one the once idealistic challenger , turning him almost into an apathetic political puppet who confusedly mixes slogans and blunders his way through televised debates . Perhaps most telling is the conversation directly following once such incident , in which McKay asks I wonder if anyone knew what I was trying to say ' Only to have his father proudly reply Don 't worry . It doesn 't make any difference

Given that Oscar winning scriptwriter Jeremy Larner 's resumy included a stint as campaign aide and speechwriter to Senator Eugene J . McCarthy during McCarthy 's own hopeful (if unsuccessful ) campaign for Democratic Presidential nomination in 1968 , I was left wondering just how much of the film was inspired by the day to day events witnessed by the writer and how many successful candidates , upon winning what many would consider to be the ultimate prize are finally dazed by the reality of the huge responsibility they have spent so long chasing and wonders , as the newly elected Senator Bill Mckay says What do we do now Reaction to The Candidate (1972 ) PAGE 1 ...

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