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Movie Review--The Lord of the War



Lord of War almost didn 't make it to the big screen . In fact , it barely even reached the production stage due to its bristly , accusatory subject matter of illegal international arms dealing . Yet despite its Hollywood feel , Lord of War ' is an excellent introduction to the opaque and oft-ignored activities of the merchants of death , or lords of war Writer /director Andrew Niccol (The Terminal , Simone , and The Truman Show ) insisted upon strictly adhering to true life events that shed an unflattering

light on many of the world 's wealthiest nations . Although telling the truth in Lord of War makes for a riveting tale of international intrigue and finger pointing , it wasn 't really a great way to secure funding for a major motion picture . It took the gumption of several foreign investors who were willing to take a chance that the film 's powerful message would resonate with audiences . Count me as one of those moved by the film 's cruel honesty

Still living with his immigrant family in Brighton Beach , Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage ) has had enough--the family restaurant has no customers his cook brother Vitaly (Jared Leto ) can 't cook and his mother nags his devout Jewish father who is anything but Jewish . So instead of getting sucked into a go-nowhere life , Yuri naturally gets into arms dealing After selling a local hood an Uzi , Yuri discovers that he might actually have the knack . He recruits his younger brother--more for moral support than business acumen--and begins to soar up the arms dealing food chain attaining wealth , luxury and an exciting lifestyle along the way . The only thing he lacks is his dream girl--Ava Fontaine (Bridget Moynahan a Brighton Beach beauty queen-turned-supermodel . But Yuri finally wins her heart , too , by posing as a legitimate businessman with more money than he actually has . Ava senses he 's not legit , but just as long as they have their penthouse overlooking Central Park and a chauffeured limo , she 'd rather not know what he does . Meanwhile , Yuri 's interests clash with his chief rival , Simeon Weisz (Ian Holm , an old-school gunrunner , coming to terms with the end of the Cold War . Backed into a corner , Yuri is given a choice between continued competition or at all , and his decision sends Yuri into a spiral of rapid moral decay despite ever-increasing profits . His greatest struggle through it all has been with himself . In the end , he learns to accept the Golden Rule of arms dealing : Never wage war with anybody , especially yourself

Lord of War shines its cinematic spotlight on the shadowy world of illicit arms trafficking - a global scourge that has claimed millions of lives since the end of the Cold War . According to Yuri in this film owning guns or bullets is the second most basic human need behind eating . The skeleton is here for a truly revolutionary film that simply ties with the real world of today which ways...

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