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Paper Topic:

Movie ,Dead Poets Society, review and Application to the Conflict Theory(communication theory)





Dead Poets Society ' Review and Application to the Conflict Theory


Carpe Diem , lads ! Seize the day ! Make your lives extraordinary ' New teacher John Keating told his students . Keating , an outgoing and insurrectionary professor , motivates his students to follow their passions , pursue their dreams , and to think for themselves . The scene is from the movie Dead Poets Society ' directed by Peter Weir in 1989 The movie won an Oscar in 1990 for Best Screenplay and was nominated for Best Actor in a Lead Role

, Best Director and Best Picture . The movie also won numerous awards from all over the world including Best Foreign Film from the Guild of German Art House Cinemas . This will examine the movie and use the Conflict Theory as basis . The following paragraphs will provide a summary of the movie , a discussion of the Conflict Theory , how the Conflict Theory was applied to the movie and the importance of understanding the Conflict Theory


The film stars Robin Williams as John Keating , a sort of rebellious poetry professor , who teaches using his own way , disregarding the existing curriculum in Welton Academy . As said in the introduction Keating encourages his students to follow their true desires and ambitions . As a result , some of his students re-organized the Dead Poets Society , a secret poetry reading society which primarily aims to make girls swoon on its members . The movie shows the several conflicts like between the authoritarian head of the academy and Keating regarding...

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