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Who Moved My Cheese


Who Moved My Cheese (Name of Student (Name of Institution

Who Moved My Cheese

It is often quoted by most that There 's nothing permanent except change . Changes , big and small , affect everyone and the reason they affect is our reaction to it . Who Moved My Cheese , is a story that talks about how people adapt to the various changes that takes place in their lives . Here the author narrates a story about four characters Sniff , Scurry , Hem and Haw , living in a maze and looking

for cheese Cheese , here , is a metaphor used by the author to define all things that a person needs to be happy . The story is about the reaction of each character to a no cheese ' situation and their reaction is a model representation of how most people react to the various changes that occur in their lives

In this essay , I will try to relate my reaction to change to that of one of the characters in the story . Before doing so , it is important to understand that my personal reaction to changes depends on the circumstances under which such changes take place . I do not react in the same manner to all the changes that occur in my life and cannot be related to any one of the four characters . In other words , my personality is a good blend of the characteristics of all the four characters . Broadly , the four characters can be divided into two different kinds of people . Sniff and Scurry depict those who are simple and rely a lot on their instincts while Hem and Haw are more complex persons who like to think and rationalize every given situation . My reaction to change includes traits of both groups and hence it is very difficult to relate to just one character . For instance , like Sniff there have been times when I have anticipated changes to occur and have changed myself in advance while other instances in life show that , like Scurry , I have just gone headlong into changes without rationalizing or understanding them completely . Similarly , there have been times , when like Hem , I refused to accept that a change has occurred and chose to be completely blind to it

Having said all this , I would like to state that my most common reaction to change is similar to that of `Haw , in the story and that Haw is the person who bears a close resemblance to me . In this story , Haw is described as an individual who had many beliefs and notions about what he wanted and what made him happy and he used his brains and beliefs to search for such things . Like most people , I like things to remain constant and never changing . Any new situation brings along with it a fear of entering an unknown area and this fear prevents me from accepting the situation and moving ahead . I normally tend to use my past experiences , beliefs and fears to rationalize and...

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