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Motivational Statement

The ability of medical professionals to provide emphatic facilitation and care is what motivates them to generate improvements in their field By gaining further education is this realm , each one can maximize involvement and generate the consensus towards greater competency in a specific specialization . Given the increasing diversity and increasing needs of patients nowadays , it is thus necessary for every specialist to come with new set of skills that can harness better outcomes . These ideas and reasons have been a central aspect of my pursuit for the Navy 's Direct Commission Officer

Programme in Health Care Administration

Having the ability to further reach out to the needs of other people and gain further education in the process has inspired me to align both my short and long term goals to this program . With the current trends in today 's healthcare , I believe that society demands professionals that are adaptive and dynamic in their ability to generate new outcomes that can be beneficial for patients and the field of interest . It is through this calling that I sought to legitimize my grasp of the field and my individual capabilities

I feel that my current educational background can help me gain the qualifications needed and generate acceptance in this program . Seeing this , I argue that for one to be capable to handle the complexities of the tasks ahead , one must have the necessary background , training and experience in generating new outcomes that is supplemental to practice Relating to these challenges , I have...

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