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Motivation prevents Unionization


Political philosophers , sociologists , economists and psychologists have been formulating theories to account for social organization . Man is a social being , one if his basic needs is to belong , and so it is but natural to him to organize institutions , organizations and groups Motivation is a general term referring to the regulation of need-satisfying and goal-seeking behavior (Atkinson et al , 1993

Economists and political philosophers have studied social organization motivations basically to understand their role in commerce and industry particularly labor organization . Unionization is act of forming labor unions , which

are groups or organizations that are organized to represent the labor work force as a collective , whose objectives are to protect workers from unjust labor practices , to improve working conditions , and to look after the general welfare

Unionization is often viewed as negative from the perspective of management . Managing unions can only be done if there is through understanding of the motivations behind it . It is the objective of this to understand the concepts of motivation and unionization and to deduce an appropriate proposition to the management of labor unions

Understanding Unionization

Industrialization fathered labor unions . Unions were to begin with organized to monitor pay levels and increase and working conditions and through it safety regulations were developed , and standardized , child labor was abolished , and work day and work week were shortened , and started non-wage benefits like pensions and health insurance (Feinman 2006 . Basically , unions gave workers bargaining power against unfair labor practices , safety measures in the lack of protective labor laws and allowed a venue to voice concerns of workers . Unions are not oppositions to management but a safeguard when workers become unheard ignored or disregarded

The statement that A company that deserves a union gets one ' is not absolute but it is undeniable that it can greatly influence workers to organize unions . Unions may be organized even if there are optimum working conditions but the original motives for forming unions in the 19th century can be very become the motives for forming them today . It has to be recognized that unionization has significantly suffered a decline in the last 30 years (Clemens et al , 2003 . Feinman (2006 reasons that the decline in unionization is the development of automation in factories , thus lessening those engaged in the industry but there are still sectors that are in need of unions , particularly the service sector , to represent worker needs and concerns

Understanding Leadership and Motivation

Leadership is a powerful motivator . Bad leadership can trigger unwanted responses in the workforce causing them to form defensive groups that may be having an attitude range of indifference to hostility . Confidence in management allows for open communication channels facilitating the discussion and resolution of concerns or disputes . Sound directives from management lead to responsiveness to company culture and inspire loyalty to the company . When workers feel secure , properly represented and involved in the company , the desire for collective action is not as significant (Dong-One and Voos , 1997

Sound leadership and motivation is able to...

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