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Paper Topic:

Motivation and Emotion

Running Head : Motivation and Emotion The Link Between Motivation and Emotion

Student (s

School Abstract

Motivation has long been studied and explained by wide a variety of factors by nearly all psychologists beginning with Freud and Maslow whose theories are still widely taught . Is motivation influenced by reward , or are there emotional factors at work that affect the outcome or existence of motivation ? Do our emotions motivate us to do what is best for us as an individual , the species as a whole , or for someone else ? The history

of various emotional and motivational theories will be discussed and the idea that emotion is directly involved with the different types of motivation will be explored along with a sampling of research supporting this supposition . It is our hypothesis that certain emotional triggers affect motivation depending on the type of trigger and emotional state of the participant

Annotated Bibliography

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Mark Bickhard is a Henry R . Luce Professor of Cognitive Robotics and the Philosophy of Knowledge , Director at Lehigh University , Institute for Interactivist Studies and Editor , New Ideas in Psychology . His teaching and research experience is extensive . Mr . Bickhard has authored or co-authored four books and his achievements include recognition from many esteemed professional associations . He continues his work on psychology and philosophy with an emphasis on motivation

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Changingminds .org asserts that they are the largest site in the world on all aspects of how we change what others think , believe , feel and do ' The information on motivation theories is comprehensive and includes source credibility . The site will be used to outline an overview of current and historical theory regarding motivation

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Mark Devon studied evolutionary theory at Harvard University . Through his studies in evolution he developed categories for the most common human emotions and asserts You are always doing what is best for the species ' He explores how the various human emotions are related to this motivation . The conception ' type of emotion guides one 's behavior

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