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Most Important Day Of My Life

Running Head : Summary and Response

Summary and Response to Helen Keller 's The Most Important Day of My Life





Summary and Response to Helen Keller 's The Most Important Day of My Life

In The Most Important Day of My Life , Helen Keller narrates how her patient and loving teacher inspired and enabled her to learn despite her disabilities . The essay is a narrative account of her blossoming from a seven year old girl facing the difficulties of learning with her disabilities to someone who

is passionate for learning and discovering things . She begins the story of her educational journey on the day she meets her teacher , Anne Mansfield Sullivan , for the first time . She is just about to be seven years old and has never experienced formal education , largely due to the fact that she is blind , mute and deaf . She describes the anxious moment with luscious detail , capturing her sense of hope and anticipation . Being disabled , Keller thinks of herself as a great ship ' in a dense fog ' desperate to find light and direction (Keller , 1998 , 8 . She believes that on that day , the light of love begins shining on her life (Keller , 1998 , 9

Keller then proceeds to tell the early stages of her education with Sullivan . She describes Sullivan 's simple yet uncanny method of finger play in which Sullivan spells the word doll after giving the young Keller one . Sullivan 's instruction begins to be more complex as she teaches Keller...

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