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Most Common Diseaes of Late Adulthood

Running head : Diseases of Late Adulthood

Common Diseases of Late Adulthood




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Common Diseases of Late Adulthood

The elderly (those aged above 60 years ) makes up a part of the general population and - thanks to advancements in the healthcare sciences and technology - has begun to occupy a larger share of the population pie due to the resulting increased life-expectancy . It is even estimated that by the year 2020 , the elderly will represent 18 of the American population , quite a large leap from 12 in

1990 . By this estimated period , one in every six Americans will be elderly . To this end , it becomes quite highly important to be aware of the diseases that face this particular age group . If the statistical data are any indication these diseases are bound to become larger concerns as the population of the elderly grows as well . As it is , about 80 of elderly adults living at home suffer from chronic diseases - as much as five to six chronic illnesses (Wykle , 2007 ,

.10-11 , 20 , 24 . Some of these diseases include cataracts , glaucoma , deafness (presbycusis , Alzheimer 's disease Parkinson 's disease and dementia among others

Diseases affecting the vision and eyesight of the elderly include cataracts and glaucoma . Cataracts are described as the clouding of the normally clear lens of the eye /s . The resulting frosting ' turns the lens partially opaque and as a result disrupts the lens ' natural function to sharpen and focus light that passes through it and thus disrupts...

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