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The Moral Obligations of Living in a Democratic Society

American citizens . Brought about by Capitalism and intensified by Globalization , market culture has evolved (212

According to West , this new culture has immediately defined the place of people in the society . He underscores the fact that the concept of materialism has led people to be convinced that they need such things in to feel alive . Market culture has shaped the way in which Americans view their lives , which greatly affects the way in which they interact (211-213

Spiritual struggle is also very much present in modern American society as Americans are

said to be concerned about the low quality of their lives . This is due to the fact that individualism has permeated the American way of life , which is an offshoot democratic principle However , West also emphasized that democracy also follows a notion of the common weal that urges citizens to make certain sacrifices for the benefit of the common good . In addition , he notes that the systems of caring and nurturing are important in democratic societies as it molds the values that keep the society from collapsing (213

The roots of democracy are said to be primarily grounded in mutual respect , personal responsibility and social accountability . All these principles must merge in to attain an ideal democratic society yet such ideals can never be rid of struggles . West has accentuated that to support democracy is to enlist oneself in a never-ending struggle to promote such ideals (214

To some degree , it acknowledges the fact that humans are intrinsically flawed creatures but are able to conceive a better understanding of the world . This is exactly the reason why democracy stands on the grounds of liberalism which emphasizes on free expression and constant communication . The privilege of being heard is the essence of democracy since it takes into account the needs...

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