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Montessori, Reggio, High/Scope

Running Head : Montessori , Reggio , High /Scope






Montessori , Reggio Emilia and High /Scope are approaches used in early childhood education . They are some of the best approaches known so far The learners needs are properly considered , and environmental awareness is emphasized . Independence of the child is also put into consideration A child 's independence is nurtured , and is allowed to work as a researcher . In these approaches the teachers become facilitators partnerand co-learners (Curtis Ohagan , 2001

Montessori is an approach in early childhood

education , which was started by Dr .Maria Montessori in 1900s . She was an Italian physician and educator . It is an approach whose methods are both of educational as well as methodology philosophy . It involves schools which are preschools or elementary schools in level . It begins with infants and ends at 12th grade . It also lays emphasis on child 's independence and child 's initiative . Two trained teachers are assigned each classroom (Abbot Maylett , 1999

In Reggio Emilia it refers to the education based on relationships . It was started in 1963 in Reggio Emilia , Italy . One of its educational philosophies is from which a kid derives guidance as well as inspiration in choosing learning materials and toys . It was first started by people who decided to build their children 's future after or in the past World War II , by selling the old army tanks and used the money to build pre schools . It is an approach which puts children first and the environment should beautifully designed , inspiring and peaceful . It tries to act as a teacher in its self to children and family (Morgan , 1999

The philosophy of this Reggio Emilia focuses on the child as a leader The pioneers of this approach tried as much as possible to put themselves in the shoes of the children . It lays a strong emphasis on children 's documentation as well as analysis of the children , as well as their conversation with friends , schoolmates and teachers

High / scope approach was started in United States in 1960s . It is a method of early childhood education which is about running of nursery schools or kindergarten . It is common in U .S and other countries . In this approach children are involved actively in their own learning . The teachers in this case see themselves as partners or facilitators than supervisors or managers . It is an approach which involves water play sand play , writing , reading , role play e .t .c . Normally children play in small groups

One of the attributes which I identify is that of laying an emphasis on the child 's independence . Another one is that of involving or taking a child as a researcher . I believe those two attributes would be useful for me to incorporate in my teachings and learning contexts . In Montessori they lay emphasis on a child 's independence . In Reggio Emilia they take a child as a researcher (Morgan , 1999

In my classroom situation , I expect to let the children experiment for themselves , explore...

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