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Monotheistic Religions Elements Matrix

Monotheistic Religions Elements Matrix

Judaism Christianity Islam


of Origin Israel Palestine Mecca , Saudi Arabia



events Abraham - patriarch of the Israelites

586 BCE- first Temple of

Jerusalem built by King

Solomon destroyed

70 CE- destruction of

the second Temple of

Jerusalem by the Romans

which dispersed the Israelites

Moses- leaders of the

Israelites when they fled


The holocaust- 1940-45

mass killings of the Jews

by Hitler 's Nazi party (Fisher ,2006 ) Birth , crucifixion

and resurrection


Jesus Christ

Joseph and Mary

Holy Crusade-


Palestine from

the Muslims

The Great Schism-

Eastern Orthodox

Church parted ways

with the Roman

Catholic Church (Fisher , 2006 ) Birth of Muhammad

Revelation of the

Qur 'an to


Death of Muhammad

which resulted to the

split between the

Shiites and Sunnis (Fisher , 2006 Central

beliefs Belief in monotheism and

the covenant between God

and the Jewish people

Belief in the Messiah (Fisher , 2006 ) The life , teachings , death resurrection of Jesus

Jesus as the son of God (Fisher , 2006 ) Islam is the original


Allah is the center of

Islam (Fisher ,2006

Nature of

God God created the universe in

six days

God often regarded as male

God is a ruler of men (Fisher , 2006 ) Creator of the universe

All knowing , omnipotent

is everywhere

Forgiving (Fisher , 2006 ) God is all-knowing

and omnipotent

There is only one God

but has 99 names that

refer to the the One God (Fisher

Texts Torah - teachings of God

given to the prophets

Tanakh - Hebrew Bible (Old

Testament to Christians

Pentateuch - Five Books of Moses

- considered the most sacred part

of the scriptures (Fisher , 2006 ) Hebrew Bible (Old


The Nicene Creed (Fisher , 2006 ) The Qur 'an- teachings

revealed to


Sunnah - sayings of

Muhammad (Fisher , 2006


Practice Practice of studying the

scriptures everyday

Ritualistic circumcision of

8-year-old boys

Bar Mitzvah - coming of age

for 13-year-old boys (Fisher , 2006 ) Baptism confirmation

Church services

Celebration of Christmas

and Epiphany , Easter

and the Pentecost (Fisher , 2006 ) Hajj - pilgrimage to


Zakat - tithing

Daily prayer (5 times

Fasting during



Morality The Noahide Code- asserts

rule of law and justice and

forbids blasphemy , murder

extramarital sex , theft

idolatry , and cruelty to animals (Fisher , 2006 ) Upholds fundamental

right to life denounces

euthanasia abortion

Obedience to the Ten

Commandments (Fisher , 2006 ) Everybody is invited

to have a relationship

with God - there is

no chosen people

Muslims must reform

society combat

corruption (Fisher '06


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(2006 . Christianity . Living Religions , Sixth Edition (pp 284-361 . Prentice-Hall

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