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Paper Topic:

Modified Marketing Plan - Critical Analysis and Evaluation of Marketing Strategy


The Brita Products Company


Table of Content

Table of Content .ii

A List of Tables .iii

Executive Summary .iv

Introduction .5

Current Market Situation 6

Marketing Mix .7


Threats .8

Opportunities .9

Strengths .9

Weaknesses . 10

Critical Evaluation of the Situation .10

Growth Opportunities .11

Recommendations .12

Conclusion .13

References .15

Appendix .16


A List of Tables

1 . Financial Highlights of Brita Company Appendix A .16


. Budget for Advertising Campaign in UK . Year 2007 Appendix B .16


Executive Summary

The Brita Products Company (Brita ) operates in high dynamic environment which requires continuous optimization of a product mix and new ways to attract customers . Price competition , backed by improved efficiency , is the main feature of this home water filtration industry today . Pitcher and faucet systems retailers fight for survival in markets faced with over-capacity . Brita obtains a strong brand image in the home water filtration industry proposing high quality products . Nevertheless , the amin weakness is strong competition and a new product , faucet filter system , promoted by its competitor PUR . The current company 's situation is marked by continuous growth , although the survey results suggest that Brita loses its brand image and consumers grade its products lower than PUR 's filters . To increase its market share Brita has to choose between alternatives and find the most appropriate strategy to pursue short-term and long-term goals . When product life cycles are short (or consumers demands are changed ) technological improvement becomes an essential requirement of company 's strategy . The implementation of new strategy will require additional spending , but they are essential for the company , because without these facilities Brita will not be able to compete on the market and increase its sales rate



Economic growth has been a driving force in the expansion of the international economy and the growth of global marketing for Brita First , economic growth has created market opportunities for Brita that provide a major incentive for companies to expand globally . Brita is a Germany-based company that aimed to achieve competitive advantage and sustainable competitive creating value for their customers . The goals of Brita are to deliver high quality products to its customers . Three of the most important factors of Brita are innovation , quality and inventory reduction . The aim of the report is to analyze and evaluate current product level , identify growth opportunities and develop recommendation for further growth

Current Market Situation

In general , the home water filtration industry consists of two broad segments : bottled water producers like Coca Cola and manufacturers of water purifier systems like PUR and Brita . In its turn , this industry is divided into pitchers and faucet systems marketers . This industry adopts high standards of water purity that involves the use special technologies and innovative purification process in to meet state standards . To satisfy needs of wider target audience Brita creates a special proposition , Ultra , for department stores . Also , it markets the standards pitchers in supermarket chains , drug and grocery stores Strong competition and new products development suggest...

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