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Modern rapid methods to identify bacteria

Modern Rapid Method to Identify Bacteria

A manual biochemical system is one of the modern rapid methods in identifying bacteria particularly enterobacteria , which is not commonly and widely distributed but are easily identified and placed in their major groups by simply using biochemical test . Using modern rapid methods like this has been said to become an integral part of the routine in many laboratories , either for short screening , as with the enterobacteria or as extensive as for the species identification , as with the genus Bacillus . Examples of commercial biochemical system are

Apl System and Enterotube

Molecular method is now often most widely used in with biochemical technique or instead of using biochemical technique . This method involves the examining of the DNA of the bacterium in question , or by sequencing a portion of the organisms DNA . Results are then compared to a database of known bacteria , hopefully resulting in a "match " that allows identification . DNA sequencing has become so standard and straightforward that it is now often easier and quicker than traditional biochemical methods . There are new molecular methods that are redefining the ideas regarding bacterial virulence mechanism (McNab Wilson , 2002 For example , this method has revealed that human tongue carries more bacteria than people expected and these includes 37 unique bacteria that microbiologists had never before recorded . With this discovery scientist can work on a medicine o a product that will combat this bacterias especially the harmful ones


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