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Modern Times, Communist Manifesto, Nickel and Dimed

John Costello 10 /14 /09 LCS 151 E For over a century and a half , humans have made advances in technology that have greatly increased our productivity and our ability to industrialize . At the beginning of the industrial revolution , assembly lines and mechanical work were rapidly spreading across the world . Many people saw the positive aspects of an industrialized world , but as factories began to open up in every major city , taking farmers away from their fields to earn a living on an assembly line , many people also began to

see the dangers behind industrialization

Karl Marx first publicized his opinions on the matter in the Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 and the Communist Manifesto . Years later , Charlie Chaplin would make the silent movie Modern Times which seem to borrow many Marxist theories and concepts . Most recently Barbara Ehrenreich set out on a mission to examine the struggles of the modern worker , which are documented in her book Nickel and Dimed

All of these works seem to suggest the same thing the human spirit of the working class has been suppressed by the industrialization of the modern world . What makes us human , what gives us a sense of being , is destroyed not only in the assembly lines of factories , but also in the low-wage jobs modern day workers employed by corporations

It is difficult to define human spirit , but Ehrenreich , Marx , and Chaplin all have similar ideas about what the human spirit is . They all believe that the human...

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