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Moby Dick




The novel Moby Dick was the sixth novel published by Herman Melville , a landmark of American literature that mixed a number of literary styles including a fictional adventure story and historical detail . The story 's central theme is revenge , where Captain Ahab is on hot pursuit of whale that maimed him . This research will outline the central theme of the story Moby Dick


The novel HYPERLINK "http /www .gradesaver .com /moby-dick /study-guide /short-summary /moby-dick " Moby Dick by HYPERLINK "http /www .gradesaver .com /moby-dick

/study-guide /short-summary /author /he rman-melville " Herman Melville is an epic tale of the voyage of the whaling ship the Pequod and its captain , Ahab , who relentlessly pursues the great Sperm Whale (the title character ) during a journey around the world . The narrator of the novel is HYPERLINK "http /www .gradesaver .com /moby-dick /study-guide /short-summary /character .html ?character 720 " Ishmael , a sailor on the Pequod who undertakes the journey out of his affection for the sea . The story starts with Ishmael arriving in New Bedfordshire where he befriends Queequeg , a harpooner and registers himself as the crew member of Pequod . There he comes to know about Captain Ahab and his tragic story . Finally Ishmael is the lone survivor as the whale topples the ship and the whole crew


The whole story is centered on the single theme- revenge , where individual constantly battles the forces of the nature . He tries to capture the whale and kill him , but in...

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