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Minor Essay

Running Head : CRIMINOLOGY

Are Criminals Born or Made






Words count : 1590

Are Criminals Born or Made


Nature and nurture have greatly caused a heated debate on criminal behavior . This has prompted most of the psychologists to bring into focus the question as to whether a person 's genetic composition or the environment that these individuals have been exposed to is responsible for their behavior that is characterized with incidences of crime . In tireless effort to resolve this debate , researches

have been conducted and the outcomes indicated that both the surrounding environment and genes play a crucial role in an individual 's criminality . Some studies have provided credible evidences for this argument . Examples include the twin , adoption and family studies . In further elaboration , the prediction of criminal behavioral is a function of the interaction between genes and the environment (Larquin , 2004 . An individual 's actions are not necessary determined by his /her genetic predisposition rather if out in the open to the right environment , chances that he /she engages in antisocial or criminal life . This discussion paper highlights on the functions played by genes and the environment in the determination of an individual 's criminal behavior


In criminal behavior , the genetic component is evident but this is not solely sufficient in determining this behavior since there is no single gene that is endowed with the responsibility to predispose crime However , multiple genes can influence physiological processes through protein and enzyme coding and as a...

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