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The Mind Of The Chimpanzee

HIV , AIDS , and Hepatitis B , etc . Actually this information is emotionally alarming , considering the fact that in experiments and medical testings , chimpanzees are being used as human substitutes . Having these facts regarding similarities of these primates with humans - like similarities in anatomy , of neurons in the brain and the nervous system , and hence their being prone to the same weaknesses to certain contagious diseases - can make any human being conscientious about the plight of the chimps especially in the hands of those doing experiments for the sake of medical advancements . Actually , this

close resemblance with humans is what made these primates in demand among medical laboratories as model for extensive researches . It truly is heart rending to realize these facts . Goodall was right and keen in her observations

Certain questions though need to be raised . First , the author in her advocacy for humane treatment of chimpanzees bs on equating chimps among humans . She is only a step short of elevating these apes to human standing . Is this proper ? Although she admitted readily in her mention of Lucy (a well-known chimp raised from its infancy in a human family that in spite of Lucy 's being cultured and advanced training , the chimp although not anymore chimp-like in her overall behavior , still , was eons away ' from being human . In the article , Goodall 's argument was stretched to the point of almost an advocacy for accepting chimps like humans . There has to be an acceptance or differentiations between man and animal . Jane Goodall 's poignant s of her acquired knowledge of chimpanzees in her personal research of the specie were informative and might create conscience ' among medical practitioners (especially those engage in more advance researches ) who cold-bloodedly perform their experiments motivated by medical breakthroughs alone Second , if ever this article by Goodall has...

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