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Paper Topic:

Military Argumentative Essay


U .S . Military Transformation Efforts






The United States military has been undergoing transformation since Operation

Desert Storm in 1991

This focuses on efforts by the US armed forces to transform its military might to prepare for future challenges


I . Introduction

A . Background Information

: What efforts have been undertaken by the military to transform themselves in that they would be able to cope up with future challenges ? What are some instances that shows these


B . Thesis or Argumentative Statement : The military has undertaken several steps in to transform itself and become battle-ready

II . Reasons That Support the Thesis Statement

There is a common belief that the former Soviet Union and other countries involved would launch an attack on Northern Europe through the deployment of tanks and aircrafts

The U .S . Navy is planning to implement its military transformation efforts known as Sea Power 21 , a move which will minimize the use of personnel and develop new methods of ship deployment

The United States has begun its military transformation efforts since Operation Desert Storm in 1991 as well as in 2003 during Operation Iraqi Freedom

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said that the United States is looking to intensify its utilization of space technology as part of its military transformation efforts

III . Counter Arguments and Responses

The United States has no capacity to implement military transformation efforts since it would require advanced weaponry and sophisticated vehicles

Making the...

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