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Midterm Exam






I . The components of a successful career development program in the field of criminal justice do not vary very much from the components of a successful career development program found in other fields of professional work or expertise . Some of the important career development program components are focused generally on making sure that the employee (s ) and their career follow a path and thrive in an environment that is conducive to career development . The common components may

br include the identification of long term and short term goals , the constant consideration of realistic circumstances as well as the identification of available materials and resources which can be used during the process of career development , open venues and areas for consistent training and harnessing of skills found in different levels and aspects , and the presence of useful evaluation and assessment tools and methods so that the path to career development can be monitored and the growth (or lack of ) can be easily identified and determined

These components are essential components in the designing of a career development program which has a very good chance of success , regardless of its target audience , may it be in the field of criminal justice or in any other professional fields

II . The nuances of the criminal justice field that hinder the development of career development programs are widespread and is present , seen and experienced at least once in a particular criminal justice front office . These nuances often involved the presence and control of bureaucracy in the criminal justice echelon which affects the development of career development programs . Walsh and Osipow (1986 explained that group differences in traits or social practices may play in hindering career development (Walsh and Osipow , 1986 ,

. 140

Because of the preferences of the current top echelon decision makers in the field of criminal justice , those which prove to be very promising steps and solutions toward career development are blocked , shelved or even another particular nuance in this field - politics , internal and external politics . Continuity is another significant aspect that should not be left behind when the talks about the nuances of the development of the career development programs in the field of criminal justice

III . Taking a look at the gaps found between theory and practice of career development from a law enforcement perspective , it can be seen that the problem of gaps is found in the execution of what the theory suggests to be done in reality . The next question is this - what is hindering those who are responsible for making the actions made imperative by the theory to make the necessary actions

Here the gap on theory and practice of career development in the law enforcement can be easily seen via the identification of the reason why such is the case - it may include financial and logistical concerns , it may also involve the preferences of those who have the capability to make the demands of the...

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