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Mid-late 1800’s Gender Roles

Mid-late 1800 's Gender Roles The cases of Joyner v . Joyner , State v . Black , and State v . Rhodesas explained by Karl Llewellyn helps show how the law depicted gender roles in the south during the mid-late 1800 's . All of these cases set precedence of a husband 's authority over his wife within the home . The claims that a wife 's actions are the responsibility of her husband giving him the right to correct ' her actions if he feels necessary The decisions in these cases help to reveal the social gender roles of

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In the case of Joyner v . Joyner where a wife unsuccessfully attempts to divorce her husband , the courts find that domestic violence of the nature found in this case is not reasonable grounds for divorce Furthermore , it was the perception given from the case is that the husband merely living up to his marital responsibilities by correcting ' his wife 's disrespectful behavior towards him so long as it was not done in a mellitus manner . At the time men were responsible for the actions of their wives , much like parents are responsible for the actions of their children today . In the mid-late 1800 's women were seen as below their husbands in the hierarchy of the household therefore giving the husband both great power and responsibility over everyone in the home . The husband in the case of Joyner v . Joyner not only has the right but the duty to strike his wife with a horse-whip...

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