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Michelangelo from Renaissance to Mannerism







Michelangelo , an Italian Renaissance artist , was born in 1475 near Florence . Fully known as Michelangelo de Lodovico B . Simoni , his artistry was multifaceted , given that his work involved architecture sculpturing , poetry , painting and engineering . As early as 13 years Michelangelo 's exceptional talents and artistic skills had already been developed , so that by the time he was 14 , he was already in the Ghirlandaios Domenico Ghirlandaio (a renowned painter 's workshop as an apprentice . It was here that it is said

Michelangelo grasped the very fundamentals of fresco painting techniques (Hibbard 1998

The importance of Michelangelo 's works is vested on the fact that they reflected Renaissance ideas , allowing the very ideas to undergo transition from a stage of harmony and composure , to that of ambiguity and discomfort . This happened so , as has continually ceded the path to the rich sense of diversity . It is said that the result of this was ambiguity and discomfort , and not the peace , harmony and mellowness that the renaissance artists who were adherent to the rules of classical artistry sought to inculcate

The vastness of Michelangelo 's works

Michelangelo 's very first relief was Madonna of the Steps (also known as Madonna of the Stairs ) which artists posit that this was his masterpiece , as it marked the zenith of his skills . In this work Michelangelo depicts Madonna and her child (Mary nursing the Christ child (Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia 1996 . The statue of the god of wine , Bacchus...

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