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Michael Vick


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Just after experts had finished defining how the NFL (National Football League 's ) ideal future quarterback should be , Michael Vick arrived on the scene . The young , impossibly good field general got drafted into the Atlanta Falcons in 2006

Many have described him to have an arm like that of John Elway , the speed of O .J . Simpson , and the moves of Gale Sayers . Michael Vick seems to have an unquenchable thirst

for competition and this is what defines his game as a football player . This competitiveness may also have been his undoing off the field of play , because as it stands now , it looks like the difficult days of his football career might have come sooner than anybody expected


Michael Dwayne Vick , also known in his younger days as "Ookie " was born on June 26 , 1980 , in Newport News , Virginia

Located at the southernmost tip of the peninsula that divides the James River and Chesapeake Bay - and across the water from Norfolk - it has seen its share of good times and bad . Like most port cities , Newport News fell on hard times in the 1970s and 80s . When Michael entered the world , the city was best known for producing drug dealers and gang members . Serious trouble , the kind that turned many young men into statistics , lurked around most corners in his neighborhood (http /www .jockbio .com /Bios /Vick /Vick_bio .html

This report will be looking at Michael Vick 's rise to stardom , and his rise and fall as a marketing icon . Suggestions will also be proffered as to how he might be able to recapture his former status as it pertains to marketing


Michael 's Vick 's family situation was something less than ideal . Michael 's mother , Brenda Vick , was 16 years old at the time that she became pregnant with him . His father , Michael Boddie , was just 17 years old at the time . The couple already had a baby girl named Christina and they did not get married for another five years , and by then , they had two more children , named Courtney and Marcus

Boddie was away more often than he was home during his children 's formative years . After spending 2 1 /2 years in the Army , he bounced from one job to another . Eventually he found steady work in the Newport News shipyards as a sandblaster and spray-painter . His days started early and ended after dark . The responsibility of raising Michael and his siblings fell to Brenda . She became their savior . In fact , all the kids chose to use her last name . With help from her parents , Brenda ran a tight ship The family lived in the Ridley Circle housing project on the city 's east side . She kept the cramped three-bedroom apartment immaculate . Brenda worked at a KMart , spending every spare dollar she earned on the kids (http /www .jockbio .com /Bios /Vick...

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