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Michael Pollan -- An Animals Place

600 words

A critique of Michael Pollan 's article on Peter Singer 's Book , An Animal 's Place

In his article published in the New York Times , Michael Pollan interprets Peter Singer 's thoutghs as those of an ardent defender of animal rights , especially with regard to those slaughtered for meat According to Pollan , Singer looks at the moral obligation of treating people with equal capabilities and uses it in the context of the relationship between people and animals . Singer 's argument is not to give animals equal rights with people

per se , but at least consider their rights where they both share interest . Because avoiding pain is a behavior associated with both humans and animals , animals should be given moral consideration on those grounds . Singer 's arguments according to Pollan , have led to the conversion of thousands of people into vegetarians . Singer is therefore depicted as strong animal rights crusader

Pollan defends the meat eating culture in a number of ways . First , he believes that animals have the habit of eating each other all the time and therefore human beings are justified to eat them . The problem with this argument is that animals kill in to survive . Human beings , on the other hand , do not have to kill to survive . His second argument on why human beings should kill animals is based on domestication of animals . His position is that farm animals would be worse off if they lived in the wild . However , domestication is driven by a...

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