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Mexicos Drug War and its Effects on the Countrys Hospitality Industry





Mexico 's Drug War and its Effects on the Country 's Hospitality Industry

Mexico is one of the most visited tourism country in the United States Its beautiful beaches , low priced commodities , and warm citizens encourage a large number of tourists from nearby countries to spend their vacations in different places of Mexico . Mexico 's tourism agency estimates that approximately 18 .3 million tourists visited the country during 2008 for various purposes . The most visited destination is Cancun with about two million tourists spending their

vacation in the town 's wide beaches (Karantzavelou . Other tourists prefer to stay in Mexico 's b regions while spending their leisure activities . Next to oil industry , tourism industry is the second major source of income in Mexico which account for more than 10 billion revenue . In 2008 Mexico 's revenue from tourism industry reached 13 .2 billion , which is 3 .5 percent higher than tourism revenue in 2007 (EFE . As reported by Paterson in Americas Program Report

In Mexico tourism rakes in about 83 billion annually and helps support 2 .4 million jobs , according to the federal Secretariat of Tourism Foreign travelers account for nearly 13 billion of the tourist revenue so fewer foreign travelers translates into economic pain . Tourism generates more money than the maquiladora export industry or remittances sent home by U .S .-based migrants

Recently , there have been issues that Mexico 's hospitality industry has declined due to drug-related crime and violence that became prevalent in the...

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