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Mexican Food Traditions

Influence of Mexican Cuisine - San Francisco Bay Area


Food if one of the aesthetic identification of culture and tradition as it marks its progress from generation to generation , and history to history . Mexican cooking began with the arrival of humans in Mexico and as various cultures influence their cuisine , the tradition and cultural background of their menu have began to evolve . Mexican food , as we know it today , has had its primary origin in the 16th century from the introduction of European plants and food products by Spanish conquerors This

traditional mix-up has provided modification in their cuisine which is currently evident in the Mexican food tradition

Mexican food has been a popular choice in the menus most especially to Mexican restaurants in San Francisco California Bay . The primary influence of wine and food itself in the Mexican culture has established exceptional uniqueness in the field of dining experience . The installation of various Mexican restaurants that offer traditional Mexican specialties has kept the survival of the culture

In the course of our discussion , the Mexican culture , evidently in terms of food- wine and restaurants , shall be the primary focus of the study . The involvements of wine and food as the primary traditional influence shall be elaborated and defined in the study . The influence of food and herbs in Mexican traditions shall be also tackled in the course of discussion . Lastly , we shall explore the San Francisco California Boy for exquisite and famous Mexican restaurants that are still reigning in the current time . The Mexican culture possesses a heritage in every unique aspect that greatly denounces its aesthetic value

Mexican Culture : The Basics of Mexican Food

Mexican diet in the sixteenth century and can still be observed in the Mexican food tradition today can be reduced to six major items particularly wheat , meat and its derivatives , such as milk , cheese , and eggs sugar , citrus fruits new vegetables , such as onions and garlic and the herbs parsley and coriander . These are the main ingredients found in the Mexican food list of ingredients . The Mexican cuisines are primarily influenced by Spanish and European orientations that greatly altered the essence and style of food preparation and aesthetic value (Vargas , 2005


Mexican cooks make a daily trip to an outdoor market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables . Homes in rural areas of Mexico often have no refrigeration hence , food cannot be store for very long . Even if storage is possible , many Mexican cooks believe that food tastes best when it is prepared fresh every day . In parts of United States with large Mexican American populations , there are stores that sell special ingredients such as dried chiles and Mexican chocolates (Coronado , 2002 br

.17 . Mexican food has become fashionable not only internationally but in Mexico City as well , which evidently can be measured by the great number of good restaurants specializing in Mexican food that have opened their doors in recent years . This interest in fine Mexican food is relatively recent in restaurant...

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