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Was the Mexican-American War an Exercise in American Imperialism?


Was the Mexican-American War an Exercise in American Imperialism (Full Name of the Student (Course and Number (Department and University (Academic Year Semester

The Mexican-American war was one of the 19th century 's most historical but controversial conflicts in the history of America . The result of this war has long been debated and until today , no one wants to take the responsibility on who causes this war and who is to be blamed for the consequence . Historians have embarked on different historical facts and theories which resulted in many

conclusions . Most scholars think that the root of this war was not actually America 's protecting its sovereignty but an act of tyranny against other nation . Still the question looms . The result of this war , however , was one great loss for Mexico and this is the losing of Texas to America . Was this another case of America 's imperialism by employing force to conquer another country 's soil or a just case of misunderstanding between two neighboring countries that have different ideologies ? Historians Rodolfo Acuna and Norman Graebner present their answers

According to Acuna , the 19th century Anglo-American government created Manifest Destiny . Manifest Destiny was an American government program to empower the President of the American Republic and provide him the power to his government to conquer lands and widen its territories Among the countries that are included in the manifest are mostly North American countries . Mexico was one of these North American countries that are connected by land to America . Since it was the period of colonization and America was still launching its influence and dominance to other countries , Americans were made to believe that it is their duty to spread their religious responsibility over other nations and spread out their democracy and so colonizing lands by any means was thought to be their accountability

Acuna said that in for America to do its so called obligation it must start its operation by forbidding North American countries to gain more lands that are near American territories . Since Mexico is near America and Texas an extension of its territory , Texas became a disputed territory . From then on America wanted to have Texas as part of its union of territories . But something is blocking American 's plan . The Treaty of Guadalupe was established between America and the union of Spanish countries to respect and preserve each other 's territories and bs . Mexico belongs to these Spanish countries and so Texas as one of its territories must be free from colonization by any other country

Incidentally America does not want to recognize the treaty and dream to have Texas whatever the consequence . US President James K . Polk has devised a plan to resolve the problem . Polk ed his negotiator Nicholas Trist to negotiate with Mexico with the intention of breaking the treaty by buying Texas from Mexico . But Mexico is not to let any of its land be bought or taken away by the relentless America Incidentally...

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