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Methamphetamine Abuse


Methamphetamine Abuse

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Methamphetamine is known to trigger short-term release of high levels of dopamine , which stimulates brain cells in the dopamine circuit thereby enhancing mood and body movement ( HYPERLINK "http /www .nih .gov /news /pr /mar2001 /nida-01 .htm http /www .nih .gov /news /pr /mar2001 /nida-01 .htm . The use of this drug is prevalent worldwide . There is no limitation to its access . Both urban and rural areas are besieged with incidents

connected to the addiction with the substance . As more and more people are using methamphetamine concern is growing on the effects of its long term use . Not only is the number of users increasing among the high-risk levels of the society The drug is also finding its way into the work place . More and more employees are using the substance on and off the company premises . For many , taking it has become a way of life


The American Journal of Psychiatry publishes the effects of long-term use of methamphetamine in its March 2001 issue . The human brain is being target as the most vulnerable organ . Prolonged use impairs memory and motor coordination "These findings show a direct relationship between changes in brain chemistry in methamphetamine abusers and functional changes in behavior " says Dr . Alan I . Leshner , director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA "The results underscore the serious nature of methamphetamine abuse and emphasize the need to alert users and potential users to the long-lasting , profound effects of this drug ( HYPERLINK "http /www .nih .gov /news /pr /mar2001 /nida-01 .htm http /www .nih .gov /news /pr /mar2001 /nida-01 .htm . People are only looking at the immediate impact of the substance . They are disregarding its permanent effects which are kind of dangerous

A sharp rise in the use of methamphetamine users contributes an increase of crime-related incidence in areas where the drug has penetrated . The wide distribution of the substance is interconnected with the occurrence of violent situations . Crimes associated with carjacking , robbery , rape and drive-by shooting , to name a few have gained ground in drug-infested neighborhoods . In addition , property crimes such as burglary , forgery , theft and larceny are becoming a daily occurrence . Perpetrators of domestic violence and child abuse have been investigated to be occasional and chronic drug users . As more and more people are taking the drug , its ill effects will soon be manifested through a wave of crime incidents


Methamphetamine is a substance which overrides the central nervous system . Most users may not know it but its effects are lethal and harmful . The stimulant is also as speed , meth and chalk . Its ice-resembling crystals are referred to as glass , tina and ice . The substance can be taken orally , intranasally and intravenously . It can also be taken in by smoking . Methamphetamine , taken in small doses , can maintain alertness coupled with an increase in physical activity . Often this increased body activity can...

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