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The Nature of Being

Heidegger says that the Question of Being has long been gone , though for many centuries , it has underwent several alterations and has continuously posed the same intrigue it had years ago - back when Aristotle and Plato established this as the primary inquiry of philosophy . Heidegger states three grounds for the Question 's downfall

Being is the most collective or universal notion or concept

Being is said to be indescribable

Being is said to be evident on its own

St . Thomas Aquinas , in his Summa Theologica , indicated that

the nature of Being shall come into one 's understanding as one envisions anything that he captures in entities . Then , Being becomes a part of everything The universality of the concept of Being transcends even the sense of genus , or for this case , any genus . Aristotle outlined the difference between the universality of Being compared to the universality of the genus , however , this has placed the problem of Being in a new ground This new ground refers to the ontological difference , of the Being to beings , or the supposition that the Being is not a mere being as they are two separate concepts . As Being is a universal concept , it does not readily mean that it is one that does not require thorough discussion It is , on the contrary , one that is darkest among everything else

Being , as separate from beings , becomes indefinable . Its nature cannot be fully understood as beings are . This is due to its universality - Being as the basis for everything , that it cannot be defined in terms of the things it has grounded itself for

We can assume that never could a Being have an attribute of a mere entity . Thus , definitions of traditional logic , such as one is defined in terms of attributes or properties , will not apply to Being as it has been a part of the framework of ancient ontology - providing a reasonable means of typifying entities . Indefinable as it is , Being will remain subjected to the inquiry of meaning - only we have to place that inquiry right in the face

The Question of Being can be further discussed from a transition between logic towards metaphysics - as it inevitably transcends the conventional methods of discussions . Western tradition has placed emphasis on beings , rather than the concept of Being itself , so , we cannot rely on it . However , we do not render this emphasis useless , only that the intimation requires a detachment from the conventional formulations and methodologies

As for the third reason , the constant use of the copula - such as is in associations and elucidations about beings has been noticeable as it infiltrated the language that eventually turned itself into a necessity - something of which we cannot help but utilize . So , we begin with some understanding of the nature of Being , yet an understanding that is mediocre - one that portrays the unintelligible , hence the a priori or enigma - the understanding of Being through an unintelligible view

The simple fact that we exist...

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