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Running Head : Mergers







One of the basic reasons why companies merge is to get control of the market as well as economical and political power . This reason has therefore brought about many issues relating to ethics and also legal recommendations . For instance , in for two companies to accept a merge , each normally have its individual reasons and goals to achieve . A company might merge with another in cases where it has great debts which need some support . Two competing companies merge

to increase their control in their market control and lower the competition levels . Many people are against this since it leads to a situation where the quality of products goes down since the market is a guarantee

The FCC recommended changes will be of great impact since a merger will enable international companies to be established in many other countries . This will therefore give the company an opportunity to compete in the international markets . Mergers in the TV and Media industry will result to in the companies since they will share the technologies other than each company developing its own technologies This will result to higher productivity in the companies . Another advantage of merging to international businesses is that once the two companies merge , it will allow them to reduce expenses involved while dealing with foreign exchange since they will be using local services other than imports

In conclusion , the changes should be implemented since from the discussion , it is clear that...

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