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Memory and Learning


Memory and Learning




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Memory and Learning

The ability to learn and remember is critical for a meaningful existence . Almost every single facet of our thinking process and results manifested as behaviors relies heavily on learning . Alternatively learning is central to the daily functioning of the human organism Humans continually need to gather information , store them and use that memory to behave adaptively based on past experiences . Learning is descriptively simple , yet not so simple when

analyzed from a scholarly perspective . Some of the most oft-used definitions are

It is a relatively permanent change in human or animal behavior resulting from practice . This definition opines that for an aspect to be regarded as learning , then the change that occurs as a result of the learning process must be relatively permanent . This implies that learning should not be occasioned by a transient reaction to stimuli but rather it should be occasioned by practice . This behavior is most accepted by behaviorists and it has also maintained its residence in psychology introduction texts

It is the acquisition of knowledge : factual information , and skills-coordination of perceptions and actions

It is the process of generating enduring internal representations . This generation process is experience dependent . A representation in this case defines an information that denotes specific world understanding in the nervous system , and lastly

Learning can also be described as a process involving the increase of knowledge or skills by human beings . As knowledge grows so...

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