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Medieval Connections





Medieval Connections

The Medieval period was a very long epoch that connected the ancient times to the modern times . It was a period that reflected the extremities of life . It witnessed how man 's way of thinking , as well as self-awareness , began to develop through time . It was the period that man became civilized and the value of life was emphasized

The Medieval period served as the rudiments of the modern period Without the curious and inquisitive minds of the Middle Ages who had

established the basic foundations of knowledge in all aspects of life the present-day generation will not have enjoyed the ease and comfort it could readily enjoyed today . The principles of math and science were actually derived from the observation and theory of the past . It could be a good rationale why students today needed to look back in its history . Maybe it is the reason that students needed to know the people who were behind the theories and principles that they are discussing today

Just like a common saying , that to know the past was actually one means of getting into the future . However , to appreciate the past , one has to put itself in the place of someone . In for someone to have a better understanding and appreciation of the Medieval Period , one must put itself in the foot of another . Analyzing and visualizing the challenges and limitations in the World of these students vis-a-vis the students of modern times is...

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